20+ People Rescued Old Family Garments and Proved Fashion Is All About Cycles

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We live in an era in which everything is changing rapidly, and it seems that the ephemeral and even the disposable have priority over long-lasting things. Even so, there are still people who enjoy rummaging through trunks, attics and closets of relatives until they find clothes that are real gems for them.

Bright Side admires people who have the ability to see through dust and damage to find hidden treasures. That’s why we found pics of outfits that people gave a second chance to, and they look amazing!

1. “Wearing my grandmother’s fur made in Ottawa, Canada in the very early ’80s.”

“I’m also wearing my other grandmother’s vintage early 1960s clutch.”

2. “Snagged my granddad’s (86’) ski wear for my trip to slopes.”

3. “I am going to wear my grandmother’s dress from 1963 made of Brocade and a ton of crinoline.”

4. “Finally engaged! The large stone is from his grandmother’s ring, and the baguettes are from my great grandmas.”

“He designed it with my mother!”

5. “Casual and basic fit that works for both guys and girls — baggy AC/DC shirt and mom jeans.”

6. “I found my dad’s old jacket so I made a fit.”

7. “Dad’s old jacket”

8. “This was my moms dress when she was my age.”

9. “It’s cold where I am so I break out my great-grandma’s coat.”

10. “Got married wearing my grandma’s dress from 1953!”

11. “Wearing the dress my mum wore for my christening. I wish she’d kept the bolero that went with it.”

12. “Channeling mean girl energy in my mom’s ’70s Cheerleading Jacket.”

13. “Luckily, my grandma and I are the same size. That’s me in her original ’50s dress.”

14. “My mom have always kept her ’70s/’80s clothes, and I started scavenging into them. Best find is this floral blouse!”

15. “Here’s my favorite dress I own! I got it from my aunt when she passed, and it reminds me of her and makes me happy.”

16. “This is my grandma’s dress that she wore in a Shakespeare play in 1939!”

17. “My mom bought this true vintage dress for a decades party back in ’03 before I was born— and she gave it to me!”

18. “1976 HASH overalls that I found in my mom’s basement.”

19. “Went through three garbage bags from the attic of my aunt’s old clothes.”

“And these pants were one of the things I just loved the minute I saw them.”

20. “Occasionally I’ll raid my mom’s old jewelry from the ’90s.”

21. “My original dress fell through a month before the wedding. Mum offered me hers. It’s over 40 years old.”

When it comes to your wardrobe, do you prefer brand-new clothes or do you go for retro? What is the garment you love the most, the one you would never get rid of? We want to see your photos!


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