20 People That Found Cheap but Cool Things in a Pile of Junk

2 years ago

You don’t have to spend half of your monthly income on clothes to look good. You can’t buy fashion sense in a store. The people from this article were able to find true masterpieces in thrift stores. Plus, buying clothes this way has its advantages: the pieces have their own history and spirit, and are usually of very good quality.

We at Bright Side want to share photos of people that could find cool pieces of clothing in just about any store.

1. “An entirely thrifted autumn outfit”

2. “The skirt I made into a dress”

3. “Today I found this beautiful $300 wedding dress from 1969. I saw it on the rack and thought I’d be fun to try on. I didn’t expect it to be so breathtakingly pretty!”

4. “My favorite dress ever was $8.”

5. “One of my favorite hauls contained this nice, retro dress that cost $5.”

6. “Finally! A Pendleton wool blazer has been on my list for ages. It had a small stain on the lapel but it thankfully came out in the wash. $5 well spent!”

7. “Attending a wedding soon. Got lucky thrifting this suit!”

8. “One of my favorite thrift store finds — a needle and thread dress for $20. Hopefully, I’ll have an occasion to wear it to!”

9. “This dress fit like it was tailored for me — just $7.99 at a thrift store! All handmade and no tags. I love it!”

10. “All thrifted! A $2 cardigan, a $5 top, and a skirt that cost $5.50. It’s so bright and happy, I love it!”

11. “Bought these pants/overalls for $6!”

12. “A vintage dress from a local vintage shop, perfect for the first fall-feeling day of the year!”

13. “Bought this vintage Armani suit from the ’70s in one of the thrift stores in San Francisco for only $10.”

14. “I was starting to lose hope that I’d be able to thrift my wedding dress. I bought this today for $60! With alterations and cleaning, it still comes in far under what I would’ve paid for something a lot simpler. I’m in love!”

15. “First time wearing this $9 silk dress from my favorite thrift store! Oh, how I miss thrifting.”

16. “This beautiful yellow vintage coat! $10!”

17. “Forgot about these vintage ’80s Lacoste shorts I thrifted for $10 a while ago...”

18. “Thrift store prom dress this year!”

19. “$5 for the blouse that looks like it’s from the ’70s and is very librarian-like (which I am)!”

20. “My thrifted prom dress for $11.50! It has pockets too!”

Do you ever visit thrift stores? Show us the best things you’ve managed to find there!

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My best thrift store find was a pair of jeans I got for 5 bucks. Later I searched the brand online and found out that they had an original price of 500 bucks...
Also found a cardigan from same brand. Really happy about those gems!
Oh, and another one... I got an authentic "Guess" t-shirt for 3 bucks. Love that store ^^


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