20 People Who Are 100 Times More Powerful Than Their Strongest Excuses

3 years ago

Every day we try to make conscious choices to resist impulses that hinder a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s refusing to eat pizza for both lunch and dinner, getting to the gym, or going for a run, our willpower is constantly being put to the test. But this makes it all that more impressive when someone takes control over their lives and choices and betters themselves.

Bright Side actively promotes a healthy lifestyle, which is why we have 20 photos of people who have overcome all mental and physical roadblocks to serve as inspiration for you and your goals.

1. “My dad just graduated at the age of 71.”

2. A great transformation has the power to put a smile on your face!

3. “Unfortunately, this isn’t the result of structured and healthy choices, but rather, of a hard time in my life.”

4. “Took me a while, but I am feeling good!”

5. “After 4 years of being housebound due to epilepsy, I decided I needed to do something about it. A full year of virtual marathons and 350 miles in total!”

6. “21 months of the good stuff!”

7. “Over the course of a year, I moved from home and decided to start getting my life together.”

8. Incredible recovery from anorexia

9. “It’s been an incredible journey.”

“As a 28 y/o, you give me hope that I can successfully transition.” © qu******onblugrass / Reddit

10. “4.5 years on Weight Watchers! Finally had skin removal surgery done — a breast lift and an extended tummy tuck.”

11. “Honestly, I woke up one day and decided I hated my skinny body. I’ve never felt better in my life!”

12. “As I’ve gotten closer to my goal, the weight has started to come off slower, but reminding myself where I started has me feeling proud.”

13. “Formal wear in 2015 vs formal wear in 2021!”

14. “2019 to 2021 — ectodermal dysplasias and OCD recovery”

15. “I overcame my anxiety and my afib (atrial fibrillation) and ventured into the wild today. I’m so proud of myself for doing it. Here’s a smile.”

16. A 28-month transition

17. “I began this project to paint the birds of Germany 2 years ago, but then stopped due to depression. Today, I finally managed to paint one more bird!”

18. “Found this old pair of pants in the closet and felt like sharing.”

19. “I made pizza for the first time on my own today! I couldn’t even eat or have the energy to make anything, and look at me now!”

20. “Took 2 months to lose the last 3 lb, but I finally hit my goal weight. For the first time in my life, I’m no longer actively trying to lose weight!”

Have you gone through some kind of transformation? How did you achieve it? What are your best tips for people who might be starting on their journey?


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