20 People Who Bravely Tried Online Shopping Thinking the “Expectation-Reality” Thing Was Just a Joke

3 years ago

Nowadays we can order absolutely anything, even peacock eggs in order to grow your own bird. And no matter how trusted the company is, we often open delivery boxes with some kind of awe and a pinch of worry because we never know for sure what is waiting for us in there. After all, we might end up getting an absolutely different thing instead of what we ordered, or the goods might get damaged while delivery or the thing we bought might be defective.

We at Bright Side hope that this kind of “luck” will pass you by and that the characters of our compilation will quickly forget the disappointment and resentment they get from online orders. The bonus at the end will prove to you that sometimes reality is much cooler than our expectations.

“I’m not even mad, I’m laughing too hard.”

“Snowboard boots arrived today and they don’t match.”

“5 pieces are missing. Also not the same picture at all.”

“Ordered 2 pounds of jalapeños for tonight’s dinner... Received 2 jalapeños instead.”

“I ordered these beautiful knit gloves for my daughter. Here is what I got.”

“Just got my 75 inch TV delivered, unboxed it, hung it up, turned it on, and this is what it looks like...”

“They claim that it was ’made that way to help the material not pull during sitting.’”

“Ordered this thing for my friend...”

“I ordered 10 meters of wallpaper online and received 10, 1 meter rolls.”

“The hiking boots I ordered online look a little different than the picture they provided.”

“What I ordered vs What I received”

“Was excited to make my first pizza on this special stone, thanks for the impeccable delivery...”

“The online shop sent the wrong apron — now I have an apron with this random guy’s face.”

“Bought a microwave online for my campus dorm. I’m leaving tomorrow but the microwave arrived today.”

“My new bath mat has finally arrived.”

“What my mom ordered as a present for my daughter vs What she got almost 3 months later”

“The patch that I ordered and the patch that I got”

“Oh come on!”

“Thought I’d try online shopping.”

“$3 ‘gold sheet mask’ — Expectation vs Reality”

Bonus: “When you ordered a set for storing spices and it arrived with all the contents.”

Have you ever ordered something that didn’t meet the expectations you had? How did you react to this situation? Did you get angry or did you just laugh?

Preview photo credit CinderPetrichor / Reddit


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Where would I get the spice set from if I wanted to buy it? It's just what I need! Anybody?


You can either keep your expectations low, or look on the bright side of reality.


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