20+ People Who Just Want to Live Normally but Life Has Other Plans for Them

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Surprises, whether good or bad, help us to live with more engagement and wonder while also bringing vitality to our everyday lives. Delightful surprises can make our whole day, while of course, negative ones can be more challenging. Nevertheless, life goes on, and we can always learn to reframe those things in a more positive way and meet them with a little bit of wit and humor, and a smile.

We at Bright Side decided to bring together 21 people who encountered the unexpected and rushed into sharing those really startling moments with the rest of us.

1. “Squirrel came out of my toilet.”

2. “I went to a new barber and asked for my part to be cut in. She mowed a 1/2” strip out of my head."

3. “My girlfriend told me she has never cooked fish before. I didn’t expect scrambled haddock.”

4. “Boss says build stairs, I build stairs.”

5. “This groundhog taunting my dad by sitting on his trap”

6. “This Way, That Way, or Somewhere Else”

7. “This local parking lot ’attendant’”

8. “Good thing they added Braille.”

9. “My Crocs tan”

10. “Wash hands, receive spaghetti.”

11. “I ordered a cannoli to go and drove home, then opened the box to this.”

12. “My husband got me these gifts.”

“I don’t know what I find more upsetting — the lopsided notebook or the lack of alignment on the dots of the die.”

13. “Just ordered these online and this is how they shipped.”

14. “I forgot about my potatoes in the pantry for 6 months.”

15. “The insoles of these shoes look like this tiled floor.”

16. “Husband’s turn to cook. He says we are out of breadcrumbs. I say, ’You can use crackers as a substitute.’”

17. “My zinger came with a free popcorn chicken expiry tag.”

18. “I don’t understand what this is supposed to be or why it is on a playground.”

19. “Nothing special, just a house upside down!”

20. “Hummingbird family made a nest in a pair of hanging pool goggles.”

21. “My fingers can touch the back of my hand.”

Are you usually afraid of surprises and unanticipated moments, or would you rather look forward to them? We’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.


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