19 People Whose Driver’s Licenses Should Be Suspended Forever

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One can encounter a lot of weird people on the road, whose survival instincts seem to be hibernating. And when they are on the same road with you, be prepared for everything.

This guy managed to wreck into 4 sportscars.

Gotta take care of the paint job.

“I work for Cadillac. A man wanted us to appraise his car. That man did not end up buying a new Cadillac.”

Do they have super wide cars?

Someone made a little sketch on the car parked on the pedestrian crossing, in order to explain to the driver the error he made.

When you can’t afford a tow truck:

Someone’s going to get some really bad news.

Do you have any idea how it actually happened?

Furniture on wheels, very practical of him

Parallel parking in Paris is hard.

We counted about 40 “fir tree” air fresheners. And you?

When your car horn breaks:

Super strong rope, we hope

“After watching Final Destination, I’ve always kept distance with these trucks. Today it actually helped.”

Freeze64 / pikabu

It looks safe.

Urunbas / pikabu

It actually fits.

I hope there won’t be any potholes on the road.

How can he see the road in front of him?

It seems someone’s morning did not start with coffee.

Bonus: Drivers in New Zealand stopped their cars to let a duck with its ducklings cross the road.

Have you ever encountered these fails when driving, or maybe you witnessed something really sweet like in our bonus? Tell your stories in the comments below.

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Unknown author / Reddit


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