20 People Whose Mesmerizing Creations Might Urge You to Hit the Nearest Craft Store

3 years ago

If your soul feels tired and restless, then one of the best-proven remedies for it can be creating something with your own hands. Just by putting your love and energy into the things you enjoy creating, you can generate the true beauty that can brighten your own day as well as bring happiness to others.

Bright Side always gets thrilled by the designs that crafty people can come up with. And this time we can’t wait to show them to you, as we are sure these could become a good source of creativity for you too!

1. “I have been sewing shirts and matching ties for my 5 cats. It’s fun. Hope you like them!”

2. “I’m really happy with this amethyst and copper necklace I made.”

3. Lotus handmade gourd lamp

4. “I hand-burned this bath tray for my mom for Christmas!”

5. “I crocheted cat paw chair socks!”

6. “Embroidered portrait of my dog, Fred”

7. “A little ocean resin tray table I made!”

8. “Made this beautiful vintage dress for my engagement photos and just a mini shoot!”

9. “Hand-sculpted by me”

10. “I made a wooden hair fork with cat ears.”

11. “A burnt marshmallow plush I made. So happy with the result!”

12." Made this big chonky bee."

13. “Hand-embroidered this Adidas logo on an upcycled white denim jacket.”

14. “How it started and how it ended”

15. “Made a purple ombre wisteria mobile out of felt.”

16. “My heart has been heavy the past few weeks and it poured out into my work, so I made this dress.”

17. “I made these moths with yarn, fabric, and paper.”

18. “I made a bumblebee cake as part of a conservation fundraiser for endangered species.”

19. “Gold ring with natural diamonds”

20. “One of the most exhausting but satisfying graphghans I’ve made”

Bonus: “My neighbor took advantage of the freezing temps and made these beautifully simplistic ice sculptures.”

Are you into crafting things? Let’s share the photos of our creations!

Preview photo credit wreck_it_rita / reddit


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