20 People Whose Wind of Change Has Blown Especially Strong

3 years ago

Whether we want to lose or gain weight, get shredded, or just don’t feel comfortable in our own bodies, we all want change. We found some great examples of people who took charge of their lives and kept going, no matter what.

Bright Side has put together some really surprising before and after pictures of people who totally changed their looks and lives.

1. How many differences can you spot in these 2 pictures?

2. “I definitely don’t miss the tie!”

3. “27 to 37 — getting older isn’t so bad. :)”

4. “I wanted to share this to empower other trans women.”

5. “My son was one of my many inspirations for this journey.”

6. Same apron, different woman

7. “I just appreciate how much he’s been there for me through my journey.”

8. “My lightest weight since freshman year of high school!”

9. We love the smile in both pictures!

10. “I worked out for the first time 1 year ago, today!”

11. This guy looks like a superhero!

12. This woman is strong, healthy, and we admire her.

13. “Goal met, from 418 lb to 171 lb!”

14. “I’m a total baddie!”

15. Look at this girl’s confidence — it’s contagious.

16. “I literally don’t recognize myself in the before photo.”

17. We applaud this transformation!

18. “Consistently pushing myself to be better today than I was yesterday”

19. “Had ups and downs but kept at it.”

20. “Couldn’t stand up for photos in the first pic due to knee pain.”

Is there any special goal you want to achieve? What is it, and what’s your strategy?

Preview photo credit EricaGrace/reddit


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in 2021, I also got myself a goal to get healthier and fitter


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