20+ Pet Owners Who Wanted a Dog But Ended Up With Something Else

3 years ago

It seems like we know everything about dogs. They love to eat, walk for a long time, and have their belly scratched. However, these animals still can surprise us. Their owners sometimes even have to check whether they really got a dog or some other pet.

At Bright Side, we couldn’t pass by these 20+ photos of dogs, who seem to be having an identity crisis. In the bonus section, you’ll find a warning about what could happen to your cat if it sees this selection.

1. “Yes, I am definitely one of the cats.”

2. “Marty was raised by cats. Can you tell?”

3. “My girlfriend moved in and brought her cat. Since then, I’m pretty sure my dog has started to think she’s also a cat.”

4. “Enjoy these photos of Dexter, who doesn’t understand his legs.”

5. “My 115 pound Labrador thinks he’s a cat.”

6. “It was raised by a cat.”

7. “Hmm... that’s not my cat.”

8. “My friend’s dog has clearly been spending too much time around the cat.”

9. “She thinks she is a cat sometimes.”

10. It was a nice dog before it became a cat.

11. “I wanted a dog, but I’m pretty sure they gave me a cat.”

12. “I see your lap dog, and raise you a head dog.”

13. “She was my New Year’s present to myself 6 years ago. I’m still not sure if she’s a meerkat, kangaroo, or a cat.”

14. How did it learn to behave like that?

15. “My wife describes my service dog as “an 8-pound cat trapped in an 80-pound dog’s body.”

16. “I’m not dog, just big cat! See? I loaf!”

17. “She wants belly rubs, but also wants to bite me. Is she a cat?”

18. “He sits like a cat on top of our couch in order to stare longingly outside.”

19. “The first thing I saw when I woke up.”

20. “My dog was raised with 2 cats and is forever broken as a result.”

21. “Twinsies derp. How is this comfortable?”

22. “She wants to be one of the cats so bad.”

Bonus: The cat having an existential crisis.

Have you noticed something similar in your dog’s behavior? Maybe you even captured this moment in a photo? Share your photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit MySoleM8isACat / Reddit


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