20 Photos of Pets Growing Up That Are So Touching, They Make Our Hearts Soar

4 years ago

Deep down, our pets rarely seem to change. Years go by, but they still love us and are our best friends. We often forget that they have grown and changed over their lives, just like us.

We at Bright Side want to remind you that every dog was once a puppy (and every cat was once a kitten) with these lovely photos. Don’t forget to see our bonus that shows a cat’s life journey.

1. Over all these years, they’ve accepted that this is his bed.

2. Isn’t the cat supposed to come out of the bag at some point?

3. This turtle certainly bulked up nicely.

4. It’s cute that they decided to get their hair colored together.

5. Let sleeping dogs lie, they said...

6. You never outgrow your favorite teddy bear.

7. He ain’t heavy... he’s my brother.

8. At some point, you might need to start wearing shoulder pads.

9. He’s always looked out for her.

10. After all this time, he’s still your little buddy.

11. “Just me and my cat... 17 years later.”

12. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell which one changed the most.

13. A hug is something you are always happy to return.

14. Do you think he still fits into his old collar?

15. You know they love each other deep down.

16. We sometimes forget our little buddies used to be so much smaller.

17. “He’s still my favorite Christmas present.”

18. It’s good to see that he grew into that sink.

19. These 2 almost got the same pose...15 years later.

20. Here’s a three-parter.

Bonus: “This is Riot Prrrl. My girlfriend and I found her abandoned...on Christmas Eve...”

“Got some food in her and she started to perk up.”

“Running around destroying everything, by this point.”

“She loves mommy.”

“Clearly uninterested in my affection.”

“Still growing.”

“Taken this morning. Climbed up there as soon as I walked in the door.”

Do you have any photos of your furry (or scaly... or feathered) friends growing up? Let us know!

Preview photo credit AgentJackBauer / Reddit


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