20+ Photos Proving That Big Dogs Are Meant for People With Huge Hearts

3 years ago

When you get a cute puppy, it is hard to imagine that in just one year, it will be a huge dog. Even the people that consciously choose dogs that are supposed to be big are often shocked by the transformation. Considering the size of the dog and the scale of the damage it can do, these owners need to have a ton of love and patience when it comes to their pets.

We at Bright Side love dogs so much that we could spend hours looking at photos of them. And it feels so nice to see how little dogs change and grow up.

“Jake — 12 weeks, and the same dog at 1 year and 6 months”

“She won’t stop growing!”

“12 weeks to 12 months”

“My sweet girl Stella”

“When we first got her, we used to weigh her in this bowl. Almost 6 months later we use it for her daily food portions.”

“8 weeks old vs 1 year old. The love of our lives”

“Our Golden, Arliss. From 8 weeks to 7 months”

“From a timid puppy to an adventurous trail dog. They grow up so fast!”

“Cane Corso — 130 lb lap boy. So good.”

“Ziggy got biggy.”

“It was love at first sight. We saw her pic from the rescue center (4 months). She just turned 1! Happy Birthday Nori.”

“Beasley at 3 months and 7 months”

“My golden retriever from 9 weeks old to 9 years old. His abnormally large size doesn’t keep him from thinking he is still just a handful.”

“My good boy, Buddy — 10 years ago, and last night”

“From 6 weeks to 6 months! Just a little bit bigger now!”

“Saint Bernard, photos exactly one year apart”

“Finnegan from 8 weeks to 8 months. Uh, we had no clue about the utter fluffiness that awaited us.”

“This is Idris, my wife’s horse puppy. Half-Saint Bernard, half-Newfoundland. 18 months old, about 145 pounds, and still growing...”

“Can’t believe this guy is 1 year old now!”

“We adopted this puppy. We were told he wouldn’t be huge. But something went wrong.”

“Only a 120-pound difference”

“1 year apart”

“From a 2-month-old to 6 months to a 1-year-old monster!”

“Luna the Pyrador, 4 months to 11 months”

“Our first family photo. Marshall is about 4 months old and 1 year later”

“We bought this dog from bad owners. He was covered in fleas. We treated him and named him Moose. Now, he’s 1 year old, but he still loves sitting on his older brother.”

How has your pet changed since the day you met it?

Preview photo credit dinaida / Pikabu


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