20+ Photos That Are Just As Warm As the Spring Sunshine

4 years ago

Not all days are equally good. Some of them are like never-ending Mondays and we really need a rush of positive emotions. This photo compilation is meant to bring joy to you. It’s got brave firemen, the birthday of a dog, and a moving meeting of sisters that will remind you that there are more good things in the world than there are bad ones.

Bright Side is in a rush to help you on a bad day with this compilation of heartwarming pictures.

1. A guy decided to make a prom dress for his sister

A girl from the Philippines didn’t have a prom dress because her parents couldn’t afford it. Her brother designed the dress, bought the materials, and turned his room into a workshop. And here is the result.

2. When you don’t need excuses:

3. A family threw a party on their dog’s 13th birthday. Just look how happy he is about the event and his new toy.

4. Firemen saved 5 people and a cat. The rescue team had to do a lot of work to bring him back to life.

5. “That’s me when I saw my wife on my wedding day. My little sister hadn’t seen me cry before.”

6. “Used someone’s driveway to make a U-turn and this polar bear came running up to show me his ball!”

7. “My sister didn’t have enough tickets for me to see her graduate naval boot camp. She had no idea I flew out anyway and was waiting at the hotel to surprise her.”

8. “This is Aretha, a rescue cow. She groomed my legs with her tongue and then fell asleep. She’s a good girl.”

9. “97 years in the making... My grandfather taking his ‘kids’ to Disney”

10. This bookstore knows how to attract customers.

11. Caring people came together to reunite a young boy with a stuffed cat he lost 3 years ago, which was given to him by his deceased father. This is him opening the box today, overcome with emotion. This means the world to him and his mom.

12. “Just went for a walk and there was a man playing the violin for an audience of 2 ducks, and I doubt I’ll ever see something so pure and beautiful again in my life.”

13. A policeman takes a moving selfie with his partner and friend. These 2 look really cool.

14. “Currently we are all studying for our finals and someone put this at the entrance of my university‘s library.”

15. Making sure the bat can sleep

16. “My dad always clears a path through both ends of our yard so the mailman doesn’t have to take the long way around.”

17. “A nearby high school was put on full lockdown. This man passed out tacos (from his restaurant) to stressed-out parents who were waiting across the street.”

18. “My girlfriend’s kitten sticks his tongue out when he’s happy. He grew up around dogs and he acts a lot like them.”

19. When someone really kind is growing up in your family:

20. A couple of guys fixed the bathroom and kitchen of a single mother for free so that social services would return her child to her.

A woman with 2 children left her alcoholic husband and lived in such terrible conditions that child services took her daughter. She didn’t have any money to change her situation. And then these 2 guys agreed to do the renovations for free to reunite the family. Other people helped with materials and money too. Child services have already agreed to return the child to her mother.

21. “My mom’s Doberman gave birth to this cute muffin.”

Did we manage to make you feel better? If yes, tell us about it in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Carljul / Reddit


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The cow on number 8 is so cute! And also looks like really big ??


I was having a bad day and these stories just light up my day. Thanks!


Number 15 is a kind reminder that all animals should be respected!


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