20 Photos That Made Us Feel Warmer Than the Spring Sun

4 years ago

Even on a bad day, some things never fail to make us feel better, like seeing a genuine smile, the loving eyes of your pet or witnessing a random act of kindness at the grocery store. It’d be great if we could bottle these up and save them for a rainy day. Well, worry not.

Bright Side took a deep dive on Reddit and picked some of the sweetest photos we could find. Prepare to have all your heartstrings pulled.

1. True friendship is being willing to share your box with your best friend.

2. “They hired a photographer just for me!”

3. “My daughter was snuggling our rescue pup, Elsa under her hoodie. I walked into the room and Elsa tried to get to me. Guess which hole of the hoodie she tried to use...”

4. “Nothing is so bad when your best pal is with you. This is Buddy and he’s 10.”

5. “Caught my niece at just the right moment.”

6. “My dog seeing me again for the first time after going blind and getting her lenses replaced”

7. “I think my son decided he likes the cat we picked up.”

8. “Charlie’s favorite toy is one that looks just like him.”

9. “My great-grandmother and I shared our birthday. This was taken on her one-hundredth and my nineteenth.”

10. “My daughter was nervous around dogs and then she met this guy. He let her love all over him for 20 minutes and afterward, her fear was gone. Thank you, sweet boy!”

11. “’My face physically hurts from smiling so much today, I love teaching you guys,’ said my professor, who has a very kind soul.”

12. “Not every day has to be negative. Everyone meet Stumpy the Moose!”

13. “My brother and sister-in-law adopted a dog a while ago and he just graduated from puppy school. I think Freddy was excited...”

14. “Whenever Grammy comes over, Gus sits by her side the whole time wearing his proud face.”

15. “My aunt has been wheelchair-bound her entire life but she’s always wanted to go to the beach. Today, after 37 years, she’s finally at the beach.”

16. “Giving water to a dehydrated bunny in 100-degree heat”

17. “A man offers any passerby the opportunity to explore space with him.”

18. “This guy saw a little old lady having trouble bagging some stuff so he stopped and held her bag open for her.”

19. “These 2 girls I met tonight spent half an hour comforting this crying homeless woman. After she stopped crying, they chatted with her for another 30 minutes.”

20. “This dog had to spend the night at the emergency clinic. His owner stayed with him all night.”

What’s the sweetest memory you have? And what’s the kindest thing someone has done for you? Tell us your stories in the comments. As usual, we’ll be reading them and loving every second!

Preview photo credit icouldbeconvinced / Reddit


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My grandfather and I also share the same birthday. Unfortunately, we live in different countries and we haven't seen in a while ?


That must be hard! But I bet you guys still sharing and enjoy that mutual day as you can


We sure do! Even though he's kind of old, we manage to at least say HB to each other haha


Number 10 was my daughter when she was younger. She was too afraid of dogs, but once she understood they aren't dangerous, she just started kissing every dog she came across with!


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