20+ Photos That Prove We’ll Never Understand Kids’ Logic

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4 years ago

Our kids are unique creatures. Being too young to understand the world in “grown-up” terms, they see it through a different lens and try to give their own explanations for ordinary things. That’s why it’s often difficult to understand what moves they are going to make. But as parents, we try our best even though sometimes we can’t resist taking pictures and laughing at their seemingly “logical” actions.

We at Bright Side adore kids with their own world views and innovative ways to solve everyday tasks. So we’re offering you the chance to have a look at 23 brilliant examples showing what kid logic is all about.

23. Kids are able to see beauty in the most ordinary things.

22. He’s upset his gloves match his jacket.

21. He was told he couldn’t go outside.

20. She wanted to go to the zoo in her banana outfit to see the monkeys.

19. His pizza was too hot, so he got an idea for how to cool it down faster.

18. He might be the second Albert Einstein.

17. A toddler was asked to feed the cat.

16. “For her 10th birthday, my daughter wanted lasagna. Sure, why not?”

15. Pro tip: Don’t make your kids angry. Ever.

14. In some cases, fixing is not necessary.

13. “My 6-year-old daughter is great at multitasking.”

12. “My little sister gave me this for Christmas.”

11. “I took my daughter to a Van Gogh exhibition.”

10. “My son decided he was tired of people using his poof.”

9. “I asked my 3.5-year-old son what he was making and he said Windows 95.”

8. Mission accomplished.

7. “I did my 6-year-old niece’s makeup, then I let her do mine.”

6. “We told him that he could look up puppy training tips on YouTube.”

5. Kids know that food is always better than any toy.

4. “My kid said I gave her too many grapes. So I said just eat half of them.”

3. He can’t find his rubber ducky.

2. “I asked my son to use chopsticks at a Japanese restaurant.”

1. “My son is trying to touch the rainbow.”

Have your kids ever done anything illogical? Feel free to share your stories and funny pictures with us!


seems like the monkey in #20 is more excited about this banana costume, than the girl about seeing monkeys! :D
well, if your feet are inside, technically you didn't go anywhere ?

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