20+ Photos That Show What It’s Like to Live in Canada

2 years ago

Many people have a very clear image of Canada. Hockey arenas across the country, Tim Hortons on every corner instead of Starbucks, maple syrup with any meal, reindeer, geese, and very, very cold weather (in contrast to the warm friendliness of the locals, who don’t skimp on courtesy). However, being such a vast territory, the second-largest country in the world, it offers an incredibly extensive range of landscapes and experiences.

Bright Side doesn’t want you to have a lackluster impression of this nation, so we put together a series of images that could have only been taken by real Canadians.

1. “How to tell you’re in Canada”

2. “We’re living 3 seasons at once right now.”

3. “How to spot the Canadians on campus”

4. “Took a tour around Toronto last summer. The views were incredible!”

5. “How very Canadian...”

6. “’There used to be berries here...’ — last night in Whistler”

7. “Can’t believe it’s gonna snow tomorrow.”

8. “You know you’re shopping in Canada when the payment terminal comes attached to a hockey stick.”

9. “The new Tim Hortons Barbie

10. “Good morning, Vancouver!”

11. “A fox in the Lanark Highlands”

12. “Manitoulin Island is beautiful!”

13. They seem to have posed for the photo.

14. They have very colorful license plates, and there’s even one in the shape of a polar bear.

15. “West coast sunsets”

16. “I waited ages for my college diploma to get delivered and I get this. I love Canada Post!”

17. “A hockey game in Sunfish Cut, Toronto Islands”

18. “In Canada, we don’t rely on roosters.”

19. “Maple leaves in Tobermory, Canada”

20. “Spotted a rare moon dog this morning. The picture was taken in Saskatchewan, Canada.”

21. “When a Tim Hortons takes over a KFC location, and they naturally convert and use the bucket!”

22. “Typical Canadian sign”

23. “Oh, Canada...”

24. “Northern lights outside of my house tonight, Nunavut, Canada!”

Tell us something that could only happen in your country.

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Please note: This article was updated in December 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit KulfgarTheViking / Imgur


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