20 Photos That Work Better Than a DNA Test

2 years ago

It’s so nice to look through old photos of our parents. And it can be quite surprising to discover that we have way more in common with them than we thought. And in the same vein, this list of Reddit users found out that genes really do matter. Some of us can be almost exact copies of not just our parents, but our grandparents as well.

We at Bright Side enjoy comparing past and present pictures and would like to share photos that perfectly show what the phrase, “Like father, like son,” really means.

1. “My mom at age 4 in 1971 (left) and me at age 4 in 2001 (right)”

2. “My dad passed away when I was 1. I like to think he’d be happy with how much we look alike!”

3. “My son (8) and me (35) — we may not have the same skin color, but I think we look alike.”

4. “My dad holding me in 1983 and me holding my son in 2014”

5. “My great-grandfather after enlisting”

6. “My daughter can’t understand why everyone says we look alike so I made her this.”

7. “This is my grandpa at East Base Antarctica in 1940 on the left and it’s me, last week, on the right.”

8. “A picture of me (below) and my dad (above)”

9. “Found a photo of my grandad in the mid-1930s at a similar age as me.”

10. “I fused an old picture of my mom (left) with a picture of myself (right).”

11. “My mom and me, both at age 19”

12. “My mom going to prom and me going to mine!”

13. “My sister recreated me as my mom!”

14. “My son doesn’t think we look alike.”

15. “Mom and me (1983 and 2013)”

16. “My brother (2016) and my grandfather (1948)”

17. “My grandma’s Lebanese passport picture from 1955 (left) and me in the present (right)”

18. “My brother (right) and father (left)”

19. “Like father, like son”

20. It’s not just the title that was inherited.

Are you a copy of your mom or dad? Do you have photos that show how much you look alike? Please share them with us!


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I mean the only similar thing I see at 2 is the cheeks.. other than that they are really different to me


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