20 Pics That Are as Cozy as Your Grandma’s Hugs

3 years ago

It’s a fact that looking at adorable pictures, especially ones of animals, can have a positive effect on us, such as increased focus and performance. Whether it’s a tiny kitten taking a nap in someone’s flip-flops, an adorable baby wrapped in a blanket like a burrito, or a puppy smiling blissfully, they have the power to make our day when we need it most.

Bright Side has carefully picked out 20 of these pictures in the hopes of putting a smile on your face and bringing some extra joy to your day.

1. “I found this little boy in the countryside, all alone. Initially he was scared, now he seems to be pretty comfortable.”

2. “Seeing my dog smiling made me smile.”

3. The more you look at its pretty eyes, the more your heart melts!

4. “There’s no better feeling in the world than your daughter hugging and sleeping on you.”

5. “I always tell her to put her tongue back in her mouth, but she never listens...”

6. Brothers sharing some much-needed napping and cuddling

7. “One of my dad’s cows just had a calf on St. Patrick’s Day. Meet Corned Beef.”

8. “So this happened to me today!”

9. Did somebody order a burrito with extra adorable?

10. This bee looks so polite.

11. This dog simply wants to get a better look at you!

12. A handful of spikiness

13. “My friend’s baby got this toy keyboard as a gift, and I can’t get over how she looks like a professional DJ here.”

14. “Old Lady Daisy needed a bath. She seemed to enjoy it for once!”

15. “This old man turned 11 today. He still thinks he’s a lap dog.”

16. We have never seen a more adorable kitten shape ever!

17. We can only imagine how warm and cozy it is in there!

18. Just a couple of ducks having a pool party!

19. “She just woke up from her nap.”

20. “My neighbor’s dog had puppies and this guy waddled up to me...”

Which one of these pictures made you smile the most? Do you have a picture you love to look at when you need a pick-me-up?

Preview photo credit Aritmico / reddit


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