20 Prom Photos That Show What Graduates Looked Like When Phones Still Had Wires

4 weeks ago

Prom is an opportunity to feel like a real princess. Many girls prepare for it as if it were their wedding, choosing a special dress, makeup, and hairstyle long before the event. We think it'd be fun to see how graduates of different eras from around the world looked during their prom.

"My mom and the prom dress my grandmother made, 1965"

I had a shorter version similar design in yellow with rolled collar and sleeves The material was crepe Really modern dresses. We were fortunate to have these dresses.


"Here's my grandmother in the prom dress her mother made for her. This photo was probably taken in or around 1953."

"My aunt and uncle at their prom, 1971 — she still looks amazing."

"Prom 1959 to 2022: Grandma is still serving looks."

"My parents at prom in 1992"

"Rocking into prom (1988)! I still laugh when looking at this photo."

"My grandma, posing in her homemade prom dress in the mid-1940s"

"My mom and dad at their prom, 1986 — I will always want her dress."

Beautiful! She's giving Lydia from Beetlejuice but I love it! She's owning that look for sure 😊


"My great-grandmother at her high school prom, I believe it was 1948."

"My prom in 1993: the helmet hair, the sequins, the black pumps, the press-on nails"

"My grandma winning prom queen, May 1957"

"My grandmother’s senior prom photo, early 1960s"

"My grandparents at their prom (late 1940s) and on their wedding day (1950)"

"That time in 1989 when I was short and had a mullet, and my buddy took a soap star to prom."

"My grandma, ready for prom, 1959 — she actually made that dress."

"My mom’s prom, 1976"

💗 Absolutely lovely! She strongly resembles the actress Ali MacGraw. The award-winning movie "Love Story" featured her in 1970.


"My grandparents at their senior prom in 1958 — I think they look so sharp!"

"Big hair prom, 1988 — thank gosh my hair didn’t catch on fire. It was so flammable!"

"My nana's prom picture, circa 1942 — I inherited her lovely ginger locks."

"My mom at her prom in 1973"

Speaking of the last century, we decided to recall what was happening back in 1989, when the Internet had just been invented.

Preview photo credit _IndridCold / Reddit


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