20 Service Dogs Who Would Easily Win “the Cutest Employee of the Year” Award

5 years ago

In the United States there are approximately half a million pairs of service dogs and their handlers. Our furry friends take on a variety of jobs and always look good doing it!

We at Bright Side admire hard work, so we couldn’t hold on to those pictures any longer and just had to share them with you!

Service dogs come in all ages

Service doggo in the lab with his goggles on

Find the young firefighter

Service dog’s senior pictures

Chester the Weather Dog will make you smile in any weather

Warrior Canine Connection Jessica reporting for duty!

“Give mama a kiss before you go!”

“Here boy, you’ll get the hang of it.”

A little puppy at my school studying to become a service dog

This good girl named Frida saves lives in the water.

This is Maximus. He’s a therapy dog in a special needs class.

2 service dogs in training. Work is hard!

First driving lesson

Can you spot the therapy dog?

A pup and his teddy bear

My high school’s anxiety consultant, Chief

Reading-therapy dogs in training

This guide dog puppy-in-training is wearing his specially made puppy harness to prepare him for his big boy harness.

3 generations of service dogs

Training the new guy in take-down methods...

Which one of those had made an “employee of your heart” in your book? Be sure to share your thoughts and this article with your friends in the comments below!


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