20 Sleeping Animals That Fill Us With Positive Vibes

4 years ago

Koalas have been known to sleep for more than 20 hours a day... and it’s not just because they need to... they just really like sleeping! Some animals, like sheep and goats, go to sleep multiple times a day. No matter when or how long our animal friends take a nap, it’s still adorable to watch.

We at Bright Side think our four-legged buddies are onto something about staying well-rested, so we’re sharing photos of the cutest sleeping animals.

1. Sometimes, even breakfast isn’t worth getting out of bed for.

2. Of course he’s sleeping in a panda-themed bed.

3. It’s his turn to be the pillow.

4. Never underestimate the power of a sleeping bag.

5. This cat is so relaxed he’s practically melting.

6. “She is very protective of her ducklings.”

7. Everyone needs a good cuddle buddy to keep on hand.

8. Time to get on the sleep train.

9. The middle of the day is the perfect time for sleeping.

10. The stages of a good sleep... it’s almost hypnotic.

11. “Almost 18 years old and still sleeping with the toy frog she’s had for 14 years.”

12. Some people like feather pillows... this cuts out the middleman.

13. Always sleep with a smile on your face... you never know when someone will take your picture.

14. We like funny sleep photos too.

15. Even a cat and a rat both know that sleep is more important than any silly rivalry.

16. There’s no better mommy-baby bonding than a good nap.

17. He couldn’t decide on a slumber party or a pizza party.

18. Bunnies... they can find dreamland in the palm of your hand.

19. What do you think sheep count to fall asleep?

20. Always go to bed with a smile.

Do you know of other adorable sleeping animals? Please share photos of your sleeping beauties with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Unknown / Imgur


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I love seeing sleeping animals that sleep in weird positions. They're just too cool for my heart haha


#6, the kitty with those little ducks are just to adorable ????????


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