20+ Startling Photos That Show Goats Can Climb Anything

5 years ago

According to National Geographic, cliff-climbing goats belong to the antelope family and they master their ability to climb unreachable places in order to protect themselves from both human and animal predatory species. Apart from being highly intelligent creatures, they entertain the whole internet with their incredible cliff-climbing skills.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve collected some of the most interesting pictures we found on the internet where goats have proven that they can confidently climb and chill anywhere.

1. “Seems like a pretty good place to chill.”

2. This little goat climbed to get a mineral lick from the cliff.

3. Trying to climb on the back of a camel

4. Rock climbing goats

5. A “Ride or Die” goat

6. An Oreamnos americanus thinking of his next move on a rocky mountain in Canada

7. Goats climbing up their little castle

8. Sitting on his throne like a king

9. A goat climbed a tree and someone took a selfie with him.

10. These goats managed to climb on an overpass ledge.

11. Climbing on top of his throne

12. Mountain goats climbing trees in order to eat their fruit

13. Goats that defy gravity

14. This little guy managed to find his way up in a tree.

15. He’s on the edge and enjoying the view.

16. This experienced goat can climb the cliff vertically.

17. Taking over an argan tree

18. Goats climbing hills for a mineral lick

19. This goat couple climbing a brick wall

20. Mountain goats on their morning hike

21. An extremely vertical rock that this little goat managed to climb

22. This little family heading somewhere

Bonus: A painting done by Robert Bateman titled Sheer Drop — Mountain Goats

Have you ever seen mountain climbing goats in real life? Please let us know in the comments below!


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