20+ Stories That Will Make Even Grinch-Sized Hearts Burst With Emotion

3 years ago

People shared their success stories on social media sites and it shows us how the power of good news can melt even a stranger’s heart. Whether winning over a sickness, getting your first house, or beating your own insecurities, it shows that fighting for a better life is worth it.

We at Bright Side enjoy being the bringers of good news and we are delighted to share the newest stories that we’ve found on the internet.

1. “Doctors were not sure he would ever walk, talk, or survive. He graduated, walks, creates music, and lives a happy life!”

2. “Looking at old photos of myself never fails to amaze me... I’ve come a long way. Never give up!!”

3. “No matter what life has given us, we’ve always found something to smile about. I’m proud to finally call you my wife.”

4. “12 years ago I was homeless. Today I’m a homeowner.”

5. “After an abusive relationship, no home, and no job, and I only had my 2-year-old kid. I get to hang this and it means so much to me.”

The note on the ornament says “First Christmas in our new house. Mommy & Adriana.”

6. “After several miscarriages, the chances were extremely small. We still did it and I’m crying with happiness.”

7. “I teach kindergarten and always talk about my cat Teddy, today one of my students drew me a pic of him. Thank you!”

The note says: “The cat.”

8. “I deliver Amazon part-time. Last night a woman come out and said, “Wait I have something for you! I made baby Yoda cookies.”

9. “Today is the day this little lady becomes my daughter. Happy adoption day!!!”

10. “I had the post-surgery blues. My husband shaved my legs and it motivated me to get out of my PJs. I love him so much.”

11. “For the first time in 5 years, I am not living out of a bag.”

12. “My childhood hero Tony Hawk got the privilege of meeting my adult hero today, my son Odin.”

13. “My son feeling proud of the LEGO set he just built.”

14. “My son begged me for this shark at the souvenir shop then photobombed my pic. It’s now my favorite pic from our visit.”

15. “I did it! I’m 30 and I set a goal of being a first-time homeowner before the year ended!”

16. “A moment with my autistic brother. We used to play with this beanie baby every night.”

17. “My wife has been waiting for snow on Christmas or Christmas Eve ever since we moved east 10 years ago.”

18. “I haven’t always been able to afford my daughter’s wish-list at Christmas time. This year, I was able to surprise her.”

19. “My partner completed her 6th, and last round of chemo! It’s been a tough road, and she is very proud of herself!”

20. “My 11-month-old son just came off his ventilator. He’s going to make it to his first birthday on Christmas Eve!!”

21. “Our 1st and 14th Christmas together!”

Which one touched you the most and why? What is your good news story that you want everyone to hear about? Has a positive story from a stranger motivated you to keep on going?

Preview photo credit Timfrostyo / reddit


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