20 Things That Could Only Happen in Brazil

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Nearly 6.5 million people choose Brazil as their vacation destination every year. It’s not surprising as the country boasts picturesque beaches, breathtaking mountains, remarkable examples of design and architecture, and vast national parks. If we peep behind the tourist attractions and have a look at this country from a different angle, we will see it the way the locals see Brazil — a country of great contrasts, a perfect sense of humor, unpredictable logic and never-ending optimism.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve collected a series of shots that will show you Brazil like you’ve never seen it. Are you ready to take a little journey?

1. This is a country of breathtaking views...

2. ...the most picturesque beaches...

3. ...and the most exciting experiences.

4. This is a land where football...

5. ...is a passion of almost anyone...

6. ...since early childhood.

7. This is a country of beautiful women and classy men.

8. Here, you can celebrate Christmas while lying on a beach.

9. Every corner here is so inspiring and stylish...

10. They’re also authentic...

11. ...and very witty!

12. This is a place where creativity...

13. ...can surface at any time!

14. It can strike anywhere and happen to anybody!

15. Here, you dress like this for a carnival.

16. And this is how you walk your parrot!

17. Brazil is a place where friends and a good sunset are everything you need to have a great evening.

18. It’s also a place where the sun and the ocean are everything you need to be happy.

19. This is a country of an ever-lasting summer...

20. ...and a never-ending festival!

Brazil is simply a place you will never forget!

Which of theses pictures surprised you the most? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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Brazil goes to my Bucket List for sure! Has anyone been to the Carnaval that can give me some tips?


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