20 Times Nature Acted Like a Spoiled Child That Needed Attention From Humans

3 years ago

As Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park said about nature: “Life, uh...finds a way.” And finding a way it does, sprouting in the most unexpected places, sabotaging human surroundings, and claiming manmade structures. But more than anything, it always challenges our imagination.

Nature never fails to surprise us at Bright Side, even if it acts like a clingy toddler, and we invite you to indulge its whims with us.

1. It’s a bird! It’s a cloud! No, it’s a dragon!

2. The hexagonal pattern of insect eggs on this leaf suggests that, perhaps, the world really is programmed on the computer.

3. A sunflower before it blooms seems like a carnivorous alien.

4. “An abandoned roller coaster that will eventually be discovered in the future by the next civilization who will study it for years trying to figure out its purpose”

5. “The storm that ripped through Chicago on Monday afternoon uprooted this 70-foot tree like a boss.”

6. “A small space near my tire collected soil, which eventually sprouted a plant.”

7. No sneaker in sight, only a comfy planter!

8. “This tree mutated to grow pines on its trunk and branches.”

9. “My cacti grew some long flower arms.”

10. Oh, no! The sky has cracked open!

11. “This plant grew perfectly through the lock hole on the door of the shipping container used for storage.”

12. “These shells look like little butterflies.”

13. “There’s a tree knot in my yard that I thought looked like a Regency-era couple, so I brought them to life.”

14. “My sunflower has another sunflower growing out of it.”

15. “The bush outside grew through my window frame.”

16. “I saw a completely hollow, burnt-out tree that is somehow still alive.”

17. The sky is busy tonight.

18. “An old car park sign consumed by a tree in my grandparents’ village”

19. That’s the feather of a phoenix.

20. “It’s a dogwood tree, of course!”

Do you think we need to stay in touch with nature or is it too dangerous, especially for more vulnerable members of society?

Preview photo credit chiquitamichi / reddit


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I love to think that somewhere in the very far future, someone finds something old and dumb from our time like for example this rollercoaster and they treat it like the stonehenge or w/e and it becomes a world "wonder"?


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