20 Times Nature Had a Little Surprise For Us

2 years ago

A spider web in a shoe that has a shape of a crater, a toe with an extra toe with its own nail — all these things can happen in our world. Nature likes to decorate the environment around us and make it more colorful.

We at Bright Side keep being surprised day-by-day with little things and would like to share some curious pics with you.

1. A spider nest in a shoe

2. A smile that welcomes you when you open the fridge

3. A giant mushroom, Corgi for scale

4. “On my way home, I managed to summon the Earth Dragon.”

5. “He is sitting like that because he has no sensation in his back legs.”

6. A tree eating a rock

7. “This potato my friend found looks like this wooden duck.”

8. “This cross-section of a tree my dad cut down. He had nailed in metal spikes over the years as an iron supplement.”

9. “The frost on my ice glove looks like a cat.”

10. “Pine needles that formed the shape of a bike.”

11. “I saw that a spider built a web in the perfect place.”

12. “Some ants in my backyard have set up barricades with grass along the path where they are taking their babies.”

13. “This crab has a crab-like structure on its back.”

14. “I took a banana in my lunch but didn’t eat it, and it aged faster than the other bananas.”

15. “Soul trapped in thunder egg.”

16. “This toe, with its own toe, complete with its own nail.”

17. “I found a flower growing out of a sunflower.”

18. “These bright blue edible mushrooms I found today”

19. “Found this perfect crater in a tree yesterday.”

20. “I think my tomato plant is trying to tell me something.”

Which picture did you like the most and why? What nature-related things have surprised you recently?

Preview photo credit vainamoinens-scythe/reddit


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