20 Times Nature Had Fun Coloring the Animals

3 years ago

Nature knows how to surprise us! Rare color mutations can make even the most familiar animal look totally new to us. Color mutations vary from albinism (when cells are unable to produce melanin,) to chimerism (when an organism is composed of 2 or more genetically distinct cells.) The rarer the mutation, the more unusual the animal's appearance!

Bright Side has made a collection of animals with the most unexpected colors. Nature definitely had the best time when coloring them, so go ahead and enjoy this bright compilation!

1. Day and night got mixed in one cat.

2. Is this a flower or what?

3. Seems like someone's "lost" some of their stripes.

4. A peacock that has an outfit both for winter and summer vacations

5. A grasshopper that looks at life through rose-colored glasses

6. "What? Haven't you seen an albino gorilla before?"

7. A cat that loves watching 101 Dalmatians

8. All you need to brighten up your day is to bump into this squirrel.

9. A dolphin that shows up only for Valentine's Day

10. A guinea pig that loves to play chess

11. Right down the middle!

12. A turtle that has a very special camouflage...

13. Are you on the dark side or the light side?

14. This parrot knows everything about mixing colors:

15. An albino giraffe that can be seen from a distance

16. "I'm dark from head to toe."

17. "One color is just boring!"

18. One side of this turtle loves attention, while the other one is just shy.

19. "Do you prefer black coffee or a latte? I love both!"

20. A lab that's a total fan of Deadpool.

Which of these animals have the coolest color, in your opinion? Share your views in the comments below.

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