20+ Times Nature Showed Its Beauty Where It Was Least Expected

3 years ago

People arrange various contests to see who the best painter, sculptor, or scriptwriter is. In the meantime, Mother Nature is not competing with anyone and still proves that her imagination is not measured by trophies, medals, or monetary prizes. She creates birds that are so tiny they look like flies, she composes scenarios of unimaginable friendships between animals, and she can even add color to objects without using a brush or paint.

We at Bright Side were looking at this improvised art exhibition with our jaws wide open, and we invite you to dive into this art together with us.

1. The Wilson’s bird-of-paradise has a couture outfit that may make other birds envious.

2. The Rainbow Eucalyptus has a multi-colored bark.

3. “Picture of a fire that my mom took looks like a fiery animal.”

4. “A nice slice of agate I picked up today, reminds me of an ocean view.”

5. “I found this cat accidentally and he happened to have a birthmark identical to mine.”

6. A futuristic cloud

7. Hulk the cat looks like Mike Tyson in his best career years.

8. A spider with a smiley face on its abdomen

9. The sun painted a little alien on this rock.

10. A photo of the eclipse taken in Chiayi, Taiwan

11. This aloe plant is perfectly symmetrical.

12. A lightning tree

13. The way these mating dragonflies form a heart together

14. Lenticular clouds look like some kind of caramel coating.

15. “The corpse flower at my university is blooming.”

16. “My baby girl turns one today. The progression of her wee patch of hair is adorable.”

17. One might have thought it was a fly.

18. It totally matches the prints on the mugs.

19. “Just adopted this little kitty today.”

20. “Went back to my old tree house at my cabin, looks like it’s got new owners.”

21. A spider managed to spin a web that holds water.

22. People use bacteria to paint beautiful pictures. This one was made from Staphylococcus.

23. The way these shadows paint this wooden construction

Do you have moments where you’ve said to yourself, “OMG, I need to take a picture of this immediately”? We’d love to take a look at your splendid shots!

Preview photo credit Amazon.com, Amazon.com


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