20 Times People Decided to Make Renovation and Went Too Far

8 months ago

In the wacky world of home improvement, where dreams of grandeur often collide with the harsh realities of a hammer gone rogue, the tales of renovation mishaps abound like weeds in an unkempt garden. From the innocent attempt to hang a shelf that ends in a wall resembling Swiss cheese to the ambitious bathroom overhaul that unwittingly transforms into a water park adventure, the line between renovation triumph and disaster is as thin as a poorly applied layer of wallpaper.

1. “Diy fail”

2. “Seems legit”

3. “Does this count?”

4. “Just in case the table wants to dry its hands.”

5. “I picked the ladder up forgetting the paint was on top.”

6. “Installed the sink, boss”

7. At least the handle will be always clean.

8. “Apparently Bethesda installs windows.”

9. All fixed.

10. “Congrats to the neighbor below for the new chandelier.”

11. “Try not to rage”

12. It looked easy.

13. “I told my neighbour his mortar needed fixing. Found this the next week.”

14. “Renovations done to 500-year-old Caldwell Tower in Scotland”

15. “My dad isn’t so great at remodeling, so I turned his work into a work of art.”

16. “My father forgot to tell me the renovations would be taking the stairs out today.”

17. “My lovely wife bought a new screen and a cat door to go in it. Took a few hours, and she was so, so proud of herself.”

18. “Askew angles”

19. “You only had one job.”

20. “I installed my own microwave today and saved $150 in install fees!”

Without the occasional renovation blunder, life would be as predictable as a pre-assembled bookshelf. Embracing the chaos of renovation mishaps adds a touch of unpredictability to our otherwise orderly existence, reminding us that even the most meticulously planned endeavors can take an unexpected, albeit humorous, turn.


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