20+ Times Trees Helped Themselves to a Tasty Snack

3 years ago

Trees are an important part of cities. They provide us with shade and oxygen and they regulate the temperature of the environment. But they also coexist with the other elements of the urban landscape, like posts, fences, and signs. Sometimes they adapt to the environment and other times they simply expand as if nothing was in their way. To capture this strange, but rather funny behavior, there is a group on Reddit, where several users share their pictures of trees seemingly enjoying a little snack.

Bright Side wants to share with you a few pictures of trees that have grown in such a way that they seem to be able to eat whatever comes their way. And you can’t blame them! Wouldn’t you eat a tasty nacho, like one of the trees below, if it was left there for you?

1. “Noshing on this electric box”

2. Lamp “post” in the Adirondacks, NY

3. “Just eating a road-nacho.”

4. “Nom nom nom...”

5. “Me eat you like waffle.”

6. “Yum fence!”

7. “Great afternoon snack”

8. When the toothpick gets stuck between your teeth.

9. Tasty curb!

10. “This tree really went out of its way to get this tasty rock.”

11. Me like dogs... And snacks!

12. “Hoppin’ a train...”

13. “Getting all the juices out of these bricks”

14. Apparently road signs are a tree’s favorite snack.

15. “Pup found a tree eating a fence and was very excited!”

16. “You’ve got mail.”

17. Suckin’ on a guard rail

18. This tree devoured a bench.

19. “No idea why the coins were put in the fallen tree in the first place, but they’re stuck now!”

20. “Mmmm, walls!”

21. “Anyone need some chains?”

22. “Just a taste...”

23. “Found this tree sucking on a fence near a kindergarten.”

Have you ever seen a tree like this around where you live or while on a trip? If you remember it or have a picture of it, share your story and picture with us in the comment section. We might create another article with your findings!


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Really makes you wonder how long those things have been there for


I like the ones that look like they are actually eating their "snacks" like 3/4 ..


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