20+ Tireless Pets That Know How to Drive Their Owners Crazy

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Pets not only bring their owners warmth and love but also lots of trouble. This is especially true for cats that are so curious, they’re ready to climb the walls just to get to wherever they need to go. All that’s left for their owners to do is take photos and share them online.

1. “Fluffy little rascal just bit a hole through my card chip.”

2. “Left for 5 minutes to take the dog out, came back to this. Have guests coming over in 30 minutes.”

3. Caught in the act.

4. “This is what I come home to.”

“All of the lights were off, and she never moves or makes a noise when I get near. We both almost died tonight when I nearly stepped on her.”

5. This guilty face is so cute!

6. Look who’s tired of destroying the wallpaper!

7. Bye, AirPods.

  • A girl I know got her $14,000 hearing aids chewed up by her dog, so just remember, at least it’s not $14,000. © Ieatratsbro / Reddit

8. “My cat destroyed my mom’s curtains.”

“Yeah, I blame the guy who put the cat seat under the fancy lace curtains.”

9. He knows he will be punished.

10. “Mufasa likes to sit on my nightstand and yell at me while I am lying in bed. If I ignore him, he starts knocking stuff off. No idea why.”

11. “My dog keeps stealing the ice cubes out of my mom’s orchid.”

12. “The look of ’You’re sure really ok with me playing with this?’ Right before the entire mug of tea spilled all over me and everything.”

13. “That’s what I get for putting the toilet paper roll on the roll holder.”

14. “I need a new toothbrush.”

15. “I looked away for just 5 seconds.”

16. They jumped on the table and ate a piece of butter.

17. “We’re going to need locks for our kitchen drawers...”

18. “Last night was tissues, tonight it’s grocery bags.”

19. “This is what woke me up this morning.”

20. “Went to put my boots on... It was in the toe of the boot originally, and I didn’t feel it until I stuck my foot into it. Also, it’s not a soft toy, it’s hard plastic.”

21. “Set up a $400 auto-cleaning litter box yesterday just to wake up to this.”

Preview photo credit No_Butterscotch2204 / Reddit


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