20 Touching Pictures That Radiate Love and Kindness

4 years ago

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that love and kindness have managed to survive in our dog-eat-dog world. But seeing people taking care of World War II veterans or seeing a son switching shoes with his mom because her feet sore can restore anyone’s faith in humanity and make anyone overflow with love.

Bright Side admires anyone who is able to share their love and kindness with the world and is eager to share with you the examples of people (and even countries) whose attitude make this world a bit brighter.

1. When mom has sore feet:

2. “I gave the local homeless musician my old acoustic guitar. He’s so happy now that he can play whenever he wants.”

3. This guy is helping a World War II veteran to replace a tire.

4. Someone left a giant box of lemons to share in front of the neighborhood mailbox.

5. Found today at a Chicago bus stop!

6. “My cousin’s 101-year-old grandma was her flower girl.”

7. This guy recreated this moment with his dad 34 years later.

8. “The Denny’s next to my motel has a stray cat that hangs out, so they gave him his own house and bed. His name is Denny, and he’s been there for over 10 years.”

9. Ecuadorian police officers rescue a sloth clinging to a pole and attempting to cross a busy highway.

10. “My daughter picked her because she was afraid no one would adopt a kitten without a tail. Meet LuLu.”

11. The Netherlands installed 316 bus stops with green roofs for bees.

12. “Made cookies and brought them to the local nursing home. This is Mrs. Posey. She is 112 and the nurse said she hasn’t had a visitor in over 3 years.”

13. Kindness goes a long way in life.

14. This festival-goer is cleaning up other folks used cups.

15. 3 kids getting adopted

16. “My local supermarket has a weekly quiet hour for those with autism/sensory processing disorders.”

17. “People leave their spare quarters at a cash-only air pump for those who don’t have change. It’s not much, but it made me smile.”

18. This bookstore gives free comics to “A” students.

19. I came across this “Little Food Pantry” today while walking through a neighborhood. It put a smile on my face.

20. A WW2 veteran with all of the 3,000 cards he received for his 100th Birthday...

Have you witnessed any acts of kindness that put a smile on your face? We would be glad to read your stories in the comments!

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Number 12 is a lie. My Mother visited Miss Posey practically everyday. She would even bring my kids to listen to her stories. They all adored her. My Mother never posted it in the social media because it was genuine love.
#18 is a cool idea for students. Maybe more stores have to implement it so children have more motivation to study :)
Actually about number 14, most festivals I went to have a shop where you can buy stuff with those empty plastic cups.

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