20 Tough Men Who Didn’t Want to Have Pets, but Had to Give In to Their Cuteness

2 years ago

Having a pet is not an easy job. At first, many people refuse to open the door of their home to animals because they imply many responsibilities, attention, and expenses. However, we know that resisting the tender look and love that an animal can offer is practically impossible to refuse, even for the toughest hombres in town.

That’s why Bright Side made this compilation of people who thought they didn’t need a pet in their lives, but ended up falling in love with their pets after they stole their hearts. And as we said, it’s virtually impossible to not fall for those cute fluffy friends!

1. “My dad and the dog he didn’t want to get”

2. “Dad’s on a ’very important Zoom call’... and the pup’s been promoted from unwanted to assistant!”

3. “My dad didn’t want Luna, but then traded in his car for something more suitable for taking her absolutely anywhere he could.”

4. “We’re never getting another cat.”

5. “My dad and the shelter cat that stole his heart 16 years ago”

6. My dad: “Do NOT get a dog.” The story tells itself...

7. “I’m not taking care of another dog.” My dad, who now spends 24/7 with their adopted German Shepard, Daisy, and spoils her rotten."

8. “Do not bring them into this house” — now sunbathing...

9. “And I quote: ’Don’t you dare bring that disease-ridden stray inside.’”

10. “My dad sending selfies of him with the 2 cats he didn’t want.”

11. “It took years to convince my dad to get us a dog but here he is kissing my dog’s foot after he hurt it chasing a rabbit.”

12. That smile doesn’t look like someone who didn’t want pets.

13. “Dad didn’t like Mouse. Mouse didn’t like dad. Something happened and now they’re inseparable.”

14. “My dad told me to not take in the stray kitten. Walked in on him showing the cat the bird feeder he made for ’Cat TV.’”

15. “’We can feed her, but there’s no way she’s setting foot inside our house.’ Now he loves her more than any of us!”

16. “2012: ’We are NOT getting another cat.’ 2021: ’Can I use a bit of the workbench today, Bucky?’”

17. “I’m too tired for another dog...”

18. “My boyfriend, who very clearly told me that if he gets me a puppy I am 100% solely responsible, and Apollo. Love these 2.”

19. “Was told I had to take the dog with me when I move out, now I’m not allowed...”

20. “No dogs on the bed.”

Tell us the story of your pet who won the battle and managed to make a place for itself at home even though it “couldn’t stay” at first.

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Number 11 and 19 though😂 My dad acts like he doesn’t love our dogs, but you’ll walk in on him sweet talking them sometimes.


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