20+ Twitter Users Shared Amusing Stories About Their Pets’ Names

4 years ago

For people who love their pets as if they were their children, deciding on a name for them can call for some serious creativity with no limits, and a thread on Twitter started by @mushenska is proof of this. There, users shared their own stories and some that they witnessed from friends in which a pet’s name stole the show.

Bright Side collected some of the best and somewhat quirky stories about crazy pet names.

  • I once met a tiny dog wearing a t-shirt in a bar and his name was JPEG, like the image format. © cefmac94 / Twitter

  • Years ago, I took Kirsty, one of our family chickens, to the vet. They called out “Kirsty Davies” several times while I sat there holding a chicken wondering which woman in the waiting room had the same surname as me. © jendavies / Twitter

  • My cats are called Badger and Hedgehog, named by the rescue organization who caught them as ferals at a wildlife sanctuary. As a consequence, I have the world’s most confused 18-month-old child 😀 © TilsLatimer / Twitter

  • We had a black cat named Purple which resulted in a preschool-age cousin arguing with her teacher about the colors being named wrong. 😂 © mrymsdq / Twitter

  • My favorite was a cat named Evil. And at my vet, they call the pet name with the owner’s surname, so it sounded like, “Evil? Evil Jones?” © redwellyfeats / Twitter

  • I once went to the vet and there was a dog there named Satan. It sounded really funny when the owners were calling him cheerfully. © eden2636 / Twitter

  • My grandfather had 2 dogs named Guess and Askem, which was funny when someone asked, “What are your dog’s names?” © dayslikethese / Twitter

  • When I walk in, they shout, “Elvis is in the building!” I never get tired of it... 🕺 © ElvisBojangles  / Twitter

  • I was at the vet with my mom and her dog. The receptionist called out, “Tinkerbell Jenkins!” When we saw this massive rottweiler being led in, we were in hysterics. © charli_says / Twitter

  • My cat is named Miao Miao Cox... © mrsangiecox / Twitter

  • My vet sends Myrtle Mae (my cat) a letter to remind her about her annual booster. “Dear Myrtle, Have you hidden our reminder from your human again?” © farhanagani11 / Twitter

  • Mrs. Blackberry Crumble, our rabbit, was seated next to Lord Fluffington (also a rabbit) at the vet a couple of weeks back. We also have Bernard the cat, Barry the giant snail, Susan the hamster, and Lloyd the goldfish. © MrsNJGiles / Twitter

  • I once heard a dad sheepishly say to the receptionist that he was there for a cat named Mr. Fox. © rozya / Twitter

  • I work at a vet and the best name I’ve heard so far is Beef Supreme. © haleyguff / Twitter

  • I once had a timid kitty who was scared to death of everything but me. I named him Brave Sir Robin. © MarniBayes / Twitter

  • I once went to collect my friend’s chinchilla from the vet. I sat obliviously in the waiting room while Speedy Simpson was repeatedly called out by the receptionist. Eventually, I realized, “Oh, that’s me!” © CarolineHulse1 / Twitter

  • The other day at the vet a really thick pug burst into the room and I’m pretty sure the vet said his name was Chunky Noodles. © ryannwith2ns / Twitter

  • My dad once took my cat Big Sexy to the vet, but he got too embarrassed to tell them his name, so when we went to pick him up we were really confused about why they were calling him “Tom”. © stirfryedshana / Twitter

  • There was a poster for a lost one-eyed cat in our neighborhood named Mike Wizowski © Ja9bird / Twitter

  • When asked why my kitten’s name was Somebody, my reply was simple. Because everybody loves Somebody! © Tracy30592423 / Twitter

Do you have a funny story about your pet’s name? Or do you know any from a friend or relative? We hope to see your stories in the comment section below!

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We have a pug we rescued. Her name is Penny but we also call her Piggy (if you have heard pugs you know why) or Penny Potts if she is being good, Penny Marshall if she has attitude! (Thinking of Penny Marshalls character, Laverne, of course). It all made better sense in my head at the time. No idea where I came up with Potts...just had a ring to it.


My 4 guinea pigs was called peas.carrots onions and gravy while my beloved rabbit was called broccoli oh the Joy's of having children naming pets lol


I can't believe that guy changed his pet's name from Big Sexy to Tom lol


Never name your pets with the same inicial letter as your previos pets. You'll mix the names ?


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