20 People Who Do Eccentric Things Just Because

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We all have little things that drive us crazy, situations that seem strange to us, and stuff that can irritate us to an inexplicable point. Someone walking with untied shoelaces and stepping on them with every step; a yogurt container opened the wrong way and left there, half-eaten; a badly-placed tile on a wall that breaks the symmetrical pattern; and many other things like these can be mildly infuriating. Surely many of these tiny obsessions have already popped into your head, and we don’t blame you, as we all suffer from these.

Bright Side came across a number of people who saw one of these frustrating scenes and took a picture of it to share their “luck” with the world.

1. ’’The pasta I ordered from an airport restaurant’’

2. ’’Saw this pilot at the airport yesterday.’’

3. “My family is not okay!”

4. “I might have married someone with issues.”

5. “The way my husband treats the butter”

6. “My mom will eat half a banana and leave the other half on the fruit rack.”

7. “My roommate is a monster.”

8. “My girlfriend doesn’t close the cabinets all the way. This is a daily recurring thing.”

9. “I bought a HomePod for the kitchen. Instead of playing music through the HomePod, my wife uses it as a phone stand while playing music from her phone.”

10. “It gets worse the more you look at it.”

11. “T-shirt hems that fold with no mercy”

12. “Went to visit my cousins. Saw this monstrosity there.”

13. “The amount of cream cheese my friend puts on his bagel...”

14. “This is the way my dad cuts avocados.”

15. “’It’s so convenient to just clean them when you need them.’ - my roommate”

16. “My husband said I should post my alarms here. Isn’t this normal?”

17. “My girlfriend’s headphones”

18. “No, this guy isn’t backing out. Yes, this is how he parked.”

19. “Where my girlfriend left her cup of water”

20. ’’My girlfriend eats the crust and leaves the rest for someone else.’’

We’ve already seen things that irritate people. Let’s leave this behind and focus on the positive side of things. What small events can completely change your day and make it way better?

Please note: This article was updated in August 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit CorkyBravo / Reddit


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