20+ Unusual Designs You Didn’t Know You Wanted

year ago

Shopping for creative designs can be a bit like a treasure hunt. With a keen eye and an open mind, you never know what hidden gems you might discover in the aisles. We’ve dug up some of the most unconventional and unexpected designs out there that will have you saying, “I’ve never seen anything like this, but I just have to add it to my cart.”

1. Now you can step up your selfie game.

2. “A hand dryer projects the word dry while in use.”

3. “I kinda thought about buying one for myself.”

4. “My girlfriend went thrifting and found this.”

5. " A cat chair?"

6. “My kid loved them.”

7. “Not gonna lie, I almost bought it. A ceramic bushel of asparagus teapot!”

8. “After seeing it a few months back, I bought one.”

9. “My wife just bought a hair clip.”

10. “I bought it.”

11. “This belly (fanny) pack I found in a thrift store”

12. “When you have to be in the carpool at 8 a.m. and the swimming pool at 6 p.m.”

13. “A sprouting broccoli skull — I was surprised to see this bad boy on sale.”

14. “Definitely very comfortable”

15. “Whatever this thing is that I spotted in Milan yesterday”

16. “It’s hard to resist this treasure I spotted at the thrift store today.”

17. “I spotted these 2-ft pastries.”

18. “These baguette pens I bought in Paris”

19. “Garlic bread slippers I never knew I needed”

20. Pizza lip balm

21. “A Julius Caesar pencil holder”

The world of shopping can be a rollercoaster ride full of both triumph and disappointment. Let’s explore this dynamic landscape together.


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