17 Restaurants That Refuse to Use Conventional Plates

5 months ago

The We Want Plates book was published back in 2017, and it has since turned into an internet movement. If you are on Reddit or Instagram, you will be able to find many peculiar serving choices. It seems like restaurants are trying to do anything to replace conventional plates and serve their food in (or on) something else. We searched and found 17 of the most unusual serving solutions.

1. “Sushi for M’Lady?”

2. “Pasta served in a bottle that is levitating on a chain”

3. “This isn’t a plate! The wig is up!”

4. “I was wronged in Idaho.”

5. “Fried chicken in a tall glass

6. “The cream sauce is already running off the sides, can’t wait for the gravy to go everywhere as well!”

7. “Friend is in New York and sent this.”

8. “They gave me a mirror so I can look at my lonely self.”

9. “World-renowned chef José Andrés serves an appetizer out of a stiletto.”

10. “Restaurant serves their food in dog bowls.”

11. Yes, they served food on sanitary pads.

12. “Appetizers on nails at a conference.”

13. “Took my mom out for High Tea at the W Hotel Toronto and the sweets and savories were served out of a makeup case!”

14. “Good ’ole sole food”

15. “Next time, just throw the dish at me please.”

16. “I want you to GUESS what this dessert is supposed to be.”

17. “I was served this at a work event. Am... am I supposed to drink it?”


5, 6 and 17 are ok, but rest of them are held code violation. If any one of them is served to me, I would leave without saying a word and my attorney will take legal actions immediately.
11 is disgusting. Not only serving on a sanni pad. But with red jelly to make it look like period blood is so wrong I'll leave it at that.

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