17 Times People Got Bamboozled by the Daily Grind

7 months ago

Each day can become unpredictable out of nowhere. You might meet a stranger who’s wearing a weird suit or your antistress ball might explode in your hands. You just need a sense of humor to be able to look at those things with a smile.

1. “Road marking paint fell off a truck, covering this Jeep.”

2. “My stress ball exploded.”

3. There is a new superhero in the city.

4. “After a bad sunburn, my skin peeled and made a pocket for quarters.”

5. You never know what you’ll see from one minute to the next.

6. Searching for love

7. “I feel like it’s always Nissan Altimas.”

8. “I now remember that yesterday I wanted a cool soda.”

9. “Well, there’s a water snake living in my toilet somehow.”

10. “This building in Tokyo is literally the width of a door.”

11. “Found this little trash heart in my work dumpster this morning.”

12. “I found a mushroom that looks like a little owl.”

13. “This man is wearing shoe protectors over work shoes on the metro.”

14. “I see a purpose, but I do not see obstacles.”

15. “Mirrored glitch”

16. “The way the ice spawned on this fence.”

17. “Too many birds spawned.”

Preview photo credit TheRealMudi / Reddit


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