17 Times Nature Left a Memorable Moment in Our Daily Routine

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Even if you’re depressed, going out in nature can fix things. Just go outside of the city, and you will see many little stunning things that show the world is much more colorful and surprising than you think. Slow down and try to look around to see how nature can inspire you.

We at Bright Side always hope to find you in a good mood, and in order to help get you there we want to share 17 pictures that show little miracles can be everywhere.

1. “Water being held by a remaining spider web.”

2. “A ’winter melon’ someone gave my boss, I’m 6’1”."

3. “I found this handprint on a tree.”

4. “A wasp’s nest made it look like this statue is wearing a turban.”

5. “This tomato growing between the fence boards”

6. “The Cecropia is the largest moth species in North America, and yesterday this dude chose my fence to rest for a while.”

7. “This pigeon wearing a hat”

8. “This tree that refuses to die.”

9. “I found an apple with a face on it.”

10. “Body heat making it look like little ghosts floating at the bus stop.”

11. “I saw this beauty on our walk tonight.”

12. “My nephew found a tiny crab in his mussel.”

13. “A snail colony stuck to a tree”

14. “Robin‘s nest in the top of a fence post”

15. “This orange is growing an entire second orange.”

16. “The way the leaves grow on this tree makes it look blurry.”

17. “These tree sap icicles I found.”

How often do you relax in nature? Would you prefer to live in the city or on the outskirts?

Preview photo credit n***996 / Reddit, kre8if / Reddit


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