20 Wonders of Nature That Prove the World Still Has Something to Surprise Us With

4 years ago

There’s a different side to nature that we aren’t very used to seeing. Whether it’s star-shaped strawberries or trees completely enveloping whole signs, that part of nature is strange and unique yet very beautiful. It serves as a reminder that there’s so much more to it than pretty landscapes and we should do our best to preserve it.

Bright Side gathered 20 examples of the different — but still incredible — side of nature and we hope you will appreciate it just as much as we did!

1. This cat has thumbs!

2. This strawberry looks like a star.

3. A storm literally picked up and moved this road.

4. The way a tornado twisted this tree

5. This tree grabbed a hold of a headstone in a graveyard and broke it.

6. They found a giant puffball mushroom in their yard.

7. This tree ate this trail sign but left the perfect window for a little hiking man.

8. A fossil coral with small flowers inside

9. Now that’s a big onion!

10. A beautiful neon cicada

11. A watermelon with an interesting pattern inside

12. This tree’s roots look like they’re melted.

13. A spider web that looks like a cave of nightmares

14. A flower that looks like the universe

15. The inside of this rock after being cut in half looks like the beach and the sea.

16. The perfect quartz line separating a rock

17. This boot, covered in moss, looks like a piece of art.

18. A helicopter cloud on patrol

19. “The Scream” is featured in the pattern on the wings of this butterfly.

20. He found a quadruple banana!

Have you ever taken any pictures of something strange in nature? Please share them with us as we’d love to see more!


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No matter how many times I see that picture of the road being moved.. it will always surprise me


I wonder if I'll ever get enough of being amazed by nature...


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