21 Christmas Ideas to Bring Magic Into Your Home

4 years ago

Decorating the Christmas tree is the tradition that everyone loves but it doesn’t have to be the only thing you do during the preparation for the holiday. Besides, some people don’t even want to have a Christmas tree at home, but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have any holiday atmosphere.

Bright Side offers you 21 ideas you can use to turn your house into a Christmas fairy tale. And at the end, we have prepared a bonus for people who still aren’t in the Christmas mood.

1. Decorating the door

Why don’t you start decorating your house with the entrance door? You only need ribbons or any kind of fabric and you can find the instructions here. If you like snowmen better, you should go here. You can also decorate the walls of your rooms, the fridge, or the cabinet doors.

2. Ice lanterns

If you live in a house or are planning to celebrate Christmas out of town, you should consider the idea of street lanterns made of ice. This blog explains how to make them and you can experiment with the shape and the contents.

3. Decorative pillows

If you are ready to spend a little more time to make some unusual decorations, we recommend that you visit this blog. By the way, you can make these pillows together with your family.

4. Ornament topiary

An ornament topiary is another simple decoration idea that can allow you to experiment. You can use old toys, make a small topiary for the house, or a big one for the street. You can see a great example here.

5. Stairway banister decoration

If you have banisters, don’t ignore decorating them. You can use toys, lights, and branches. Or make a slide for toy penguins. You can find a video manual here.

6. Vases with lights and toys

Vases can be used not only for flowers but also for toy decorations that you couldn’t put on your Christmas tree. Wrap them with lights inside of a vase and your place will become way cozier.

7. Setting the table

The art of setting the table doesn’t have to be really difficult. For example, this is how you can turn regular plates into snowmen.

8. Window treatments made of Christmas ornaments

You don’t just have to stick with snowflakes to decorate your windows. All you need to do is connect Christmas balls with a thread and hang them as shown in the picture.

9. Wreath made of candy

You can make this wreath to decorate the door, the walls, the windows, and even your Christmas tree.

10. Lights inside bottles

Christmas lights and glass bottles are all you need to make these beautiful decorations. You can put them in the yard or in your apartment, just read this simple manual.

11. Doorway decoration

Doorways decorated with lights and spruce branches like the ones shown here make the house look more beautiful.

12. Decorating walls

Empty pizza boxes or old canvases can be used to make presents and can be used to decorate the wall.

13. Lanterns made of jars

You can use glass jars and salt to make these “snowy” lanterns. This blog shows how to make one of these yourself.

14. Houses made of paper

Why not make a snowy village in your house? All you need to do is print out these houses and you can find instructions in this blog.

15. Wall-mounted Christmas tree

If you have a small apartment, you can save the room with a wall-mounted Christmas tree. All you need is imagination and decorations.

16. Decorating with presents

You can not only hide the presents under the Christmas tree but also use them for unique decor. The only danger is that your family will want to know what’s inside before it’s time to open them.

17. Basket with logs and spruce branches

This is a very simple decoration for people who don’t have a lot of time. Just take a basket, put Christmas lights, and spruce branches or logs inside. You can find more inspiration here.

18. Corner Christmas tree

Here is another way to save space in your apartment. You can make this corner tree using Christmas lights.

19. Holiday jars

It’s easy to decorate your kitchen with these jars and you can even keep candy in them. Visit this blog to find a detailed manual.

20. Candleholders made of glasses

Regular wine glasses can easily be turned into beautiful Christmas candleholders. You can visit this blog to find the instructions.

21. Setting a table with candles and pine cones

Even the smallest details can create the Christmas mood, so decorating your table with pine cones will change the entire style of the room. Of course, don’t forget the candles!

Bonus for everyone who loves the Grinch

If you agree with the Grinch and you don’t want to join the fuss with all the Christmas celebrations, you might like this monster. You can read about how to make one here.

Do you know any unusual ways to decorate your house for the holidays? Share them with other readers in the comment section below.

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