21 People Find Something Truly Useful That Makes Our Lives Easier

2 years ago

Many everyday objects may look ordinary, but upon closer inspection, we might find that there’s something about them that makes them truly special and useful. Whether it’s a bench turned into a musical instrument or a flip-flop vending machine, these valuable treasures are hidden in plain sight.

Bright Side loves creative solutions and has compiled a list of findings from Internet users.

1. “This woman attached a convenient cup holder to her crutches.”

2. “This maintenance guy’s shirt doubles as a sign.”

3. “My aunt has this birthday calendar with names on disks using hooks.”

4. “This restaurant’s tabletop condiment caddy has a special holder to make sure the ketchup bottle is always primed for use.”

5. “This bench also works as a xylophone-type instrument.”

6. “This flip-flop vending machine I found in Sydney”

7. “Bought a record online last week. The seller shipped it using a cut up pool noodle taped to the box to keep the record in place.”

8. “My noodle packet has a spice scale to tell you how spicy you can make your noodles.”

9. “This unique contraption for grabbing sugar cubes”

10. “This door that is used for both the bathroom and the closet at this hotel”

11. “This magnifying glass is used for those hard-to-read ingredient lists.”

12. “This is for horse mounting.”

13. “Can’t find a stand for your mic? Use a hockey stick instead.”

14. “My mug has a tea bag compartment.”

15. “This shopping cart has a spot for kids to stand on while the parent pushes.”

16. “I just discovered that the water coolers at work have a secret mini-fridge.”

17. “This pickle jar has a built-in plastic basket with a stem so you can pull the pickles up to the top.”

18. “These winter boots have a flip-down ice cleat in the heel to help with walking on icy surfaces.”

19. “I found this in the toy aisle of Goodwill. Took a $3 gamble and then this happened...”

20. “These notched chairs to hold bags”

21. “They put rails under the benches in this park so you can always be in the shadow.”

Which of these would you like to have in your house or town? Feel free to share your useful objects and hacks with your fellow Bright Side readers!


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