21 People Who Randomly Found Something Incredibly Cool

3 years ago

If you pay close enough attention, even the regular things around you can help you learn a new thing or 2. From everyday bananas, to objects you might stumble upon when taking a walk on the beach, there’s a mystery waiting to unfold in pretty much everything.

Bright Side has picked the coolest of new things that people discovered and shared on the internet. Take a look!

1. “The areas around the brown spots on bananas glow brightly when you shine a black light on them.”

2. This CD looks like an amethyst crystal after being heated-up.

3. “Ants gutted my almond to make their own almond flour.”

4. New sewing needle vs Sewing needle after 4 months of sewing

5. Some security cameras are disguised as birds.

6. This is how small a hummingbird’s feather really is. Finger for scale.

7. Measuring spoons labeled in grandma terms so you can try out her recipes without worry

8. A shell or the inside of a coconut — you decide.

9. A slug that can perfectly blend into its surroundings

10. A building that seems to be flat from a distance

11. “The foam on my pasta water looks like fish fillets.”

12. “This device is used to measure lengths on maps. Simply roll it along the streets and it tells you the distance.”

13. “Went on a walk and noticed a floating mailbox post.”

14. A cloud that appears to be a furry rainbow tail

15. “An old bank was transformed into a hotel and they kept the vault as a meeting room.”

16. “My sister found exactly 777 shark teeth in just 2 weeks.”

17. Some flashlights have a block of concrete inside to make them heavier.

18. This Wood Duck was caught visiting its own sign.

19. Forks at the Eiffel Tower are shaped like the monument itself.

20. “This cluster of fossils I found yesterday at 10,700 ft above sea level”

21. This is what a 100 sided die looks like.

Can you name some similar cool things you’ve observed in and around your house?


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