21 Pics That Made Us Doubt Our Vision and Head to the Optometrist

2 years ago

Once in a while, we see something strange and our brains decide to fill in the gaps by using experiences from our past, giving us the most awkward explanation possible. And many of us love this for the best reasons. Moments like this are usually fun and also challenge us to keep our view of the world fresh.

Today at Bright Side, we found some catchy perspectives and decided to share. Ready to double-check your eyesight?

1. “I thought a bird froze to death in my backyard. It’s just a tree stump.”

2. “I dropped some coffee and it looks like a bird.”

3. “He only levitates in his sleep.”

4. “Walked downstairs and did a double take.”

5. “I saw a 2-headed cow today.”

6. “A contortionist”

7. “The lens makes it look like the light is going through his hand.”

8. “A levitating cup”

9. “Disney illusion”

10. “No hand”

11. “Thought it was a mountain lion but it was just part of the tree.”

12. “A portal to another dimension”

13. “I walked into the kitchen confused by this and discovered my wife put dry ice in the sink.”

14. “A mitered granny in ocean colors!”

15. “I tried to take a cute picture of my boyfriend and his dog. This is not exactly what I expected.”

16. “This dog at my doggy daycare sure is...long?”

17. “That time I spilled milk and it looked like Sherlock Holmes”

18. “My friend Adam has a dog who has the creepiest shadow ever.”

19. “Awe man, my chair broke...”

20. “Candle on snow”

21. “An extra set of legs”

Do you tend to notice unusual things around you? What types of things tend to trick you more often?

Preview photo credit exhaustedwhat / Reddit


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