21 Tattoos That Are Meant to Carve People’s Life Stories in Stone

2 years ago

Some people use personal journals or social media to record their milestones, but others choose body ink to immortalize significant moments in their lives. From simple memories to life-changing events, these tattoos serve as visual representations of the most emotional and powerful tales.

Bright Side found 22 photos of people who shared their stories through body art, and they might just inspire you to do the same.

1. “The wife and I got matching tattoos. The birds are our family, and the one flying away is our miscarriage.”

2. “This is the audio frequency of my mom’s laughter. She passed away in 2017.”

3. “My favorite fishing spot”

4. “A tattoo to commemorate my skill as an electrician. I work with my hands for a living, so what better place to put it?”

5. “I got a tattoo to highlight that I’m not defined by disabilities.”

6. “Commemorated the first anniversary of my open heart surgery with 2 things I love: music and soccer.”

7. “A tattoo to commemorate my coming out as non-binary”

8. “A tattoo about my brain injury. It’s a good reminder and it lets you put it in a lighter perspective.”

9. “This is a scar ’cover-up.’ Now she’s got her best friend looking back at her.”

10. “My first tattoo commemorates the day I had my heart transplant.”

11. “5 years ago, I lost my first pregnancy. 2 years ago, I lost my second.”

12. “Evacuated from New Orleans and got this to commemorate riding out and surviving the storm.”

13. “Went through a rough time and this little man was the only thing that pulled me through.”

14. “A disease took my leg, but we got a little something back with this piece.”

15. “This was my late grandfather’s truck. There were good memories there.”

16. “I’m in São Paulo for my first-ever Grand Prix, so I got a tattoo to commemorate it.”

17. “When I was a child, I couldn’t color inside the lines. It turned out to be borderline personality disorder.”

18. “My stamp collection of everywhere I’ve traveled”

19. “My ’coming out’ tattoo”

20. “I was lucky my friend agreed to put some of my late dog’s ashes in the ink. He’s with me forever now.”

21. “This is my first tattoo, and the sun is my fiancée.”

If you were to design a tattoo that marks an important event in your life, how do you imagine it would look?

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I would love to get a tattoo of sakura blossom as a symbol of my favorite country - Japan


I'm planning to get my first tattoo.. my father's and mother's thumb impressions to make a little heart..


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