22 People Who Proved Weight Is Nothing More Than a Number

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We all try to lose weight because a small waist is believed to be the best indicator of good shape. But lately, popular bloggers have started a movement against this rule and now they’re trying to prove that weight is just a number that your appearance doesn’t always depend on.

Bright Side has collected the most interesting examples proving that a scale shouldn’t always be trusted.

“Same weight, different year and shape”

+10 pounds more and look how much better she looks!

Sometimes more weight is better!

“Same weight in both photos. Just forget about the scale. Throw it away and do what you want but never use it again.”

“3 years apart and only a 2-lb difference between the 2”

1 year apart, same weight

“149 lb to 147 lb — I’ve come to realize the number on the scale doesn’t matter.”

Same weight, different look

“I’ve reached the same weight I was when I first started training almost 2 years ago! Kinda seems like my fitness journey has come full circle in a way, doesn’t it?”

“Weight is NOT a good measurement of progress. I have gained 4 lb of muscle and dropped over 7% body fat.”

“My favorite picture of 2017”

“I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life! Why is this a good thing? Because weight doesn’t matter. It has never reflected my healthiness or fitness level AT ALL!”

“Do you really want to be a number on a scale or do you want to feel better? Do you want to look better? Be stronger? Be healthier? Just remember what your real goal is!”

“The number on your scale does NOT account for body composition (fat and muscle mass) which ultimately determines how lean you look.”

“These changes are not huge. It has taken a very long time to get my head around the ‘muscle weighs more than fat’ realization.”

“These pics are 7 years apart and I weighed the exact same in both of them. Isn’t that crazy? My body looks completely different but the scale reads them as the same.”

“3 years, 6 lb and a new bikini”

“Weights will not make you bulky (protein also won’t make you bulky). You are beautiful whatever size or shape you are!”

“I’ve always been on the petite side, didn’t know what a deadlift was, ate awful, and never really exercised (apart from ballet).”

“Do you want to know why it’s STILL hard for me to post these? Because this is my biggest transformation!”

“I feel like I haven’t posted a transformation in a while, so here you go! Same weight and such a difference.”

“Stop letting the scale determine your success: it’s literally just a number!”

Which of these transformations amazed you the most? Tell us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit tian.fitty2 / instagram


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