22 Shoppers Who Have Gone Completely Off Their Trolley

3 years ago

Most people feel very comfortable when going to the nearest store to shop for groceries. Maybe it’s that feeling that the store is like a smaller version of their kitchen pantry, where nobody needs to be dressed formally to go to. But being casual is the complete opposite of being weird and looking like you’ve lost your mind.

Bright Side found the craziest people and situations ever witnessed in supermarkets. You will wish you had seen these people in person.

1. Way warmer than a simple scarf

2. Heat in Australia

3. Damn you aliens! You’re everywhere.

4. The iguana sitter wasn’t available.

5. Something casual for her everyday shopping

6. Okay, that’s not real and it’s definitely not his.

7. If he feels comfortable, then it’s nobody’s business.

8. Why do mothers in America use leashes for their kids?

9. Taking her babies for a ride

10. When you know how to treat your grandkid:

11. How can he buy it if he doesn’t test it first?

12. Maybe he wore it backward. Maybe...

13. This is how exhausting Walmart is.

14. Have fun cashier!

15. Did you ever even have it?

16. This is why fathers aren’t allowed to shop with their kids.

17. Everything has multiple uses.

18. Grannies gone wild.

19. Taking her goat out for a walk.

20. It seems like he feels glorious.

21. Everyone loves a chubby kid strolling around the grocery store.

22. She just needed some company.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen while shopping at a store? Please share your odd stories with us down in the comments section.


#15, I feel, is in very bad taste. What if she had survived anorexia? Or a different eating disorder? Or has a serious medical condition that we don't know about. Some of us are quick to judge others. #21, Is pretty bad too. This photo comes from photoshop battles on reddit, calling this toddler,"Wal-Mart Luchador" . I don't know what part is photoshopped but it's just kinda sad 😞.

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