23 Adorable Pets Who Can’t Wait for Their Owners to Return

4 years ago

When we shut our doors and leave our pets home alone, sometimes it takes a giant amount of imagination to think about what we’ll come home to. Our unpredictable pals can sometimes cause destruction, explore the house as if it was an investigation, and some just sleep all day... So when we see them waiting for us after our long days at work, it really shows the strength of love we have with our beloved animals, and they have for us too.

The compilation of pictures in this article demonstrates just how delightfully sweet these actions are and the Bright Side team simply couldn’t keep them from all of you!

1. “Every afternoon he waits like this for his dad to come home.”

2. It’s such a sad moment when one is alone waiting for their human.

3. “What if they’re out doing walkies without me?”

4. “Hello? What? No...I wasn’t waiting here all day. I definitely have better things to do...”

5. “I told you, I’m guarding this door. I don’t need your help.”

6. This pupper has found the perfect position to see when its mom and dad get home. Practiced to perfection.

7. “I got home and immediately started loving all over my dog who had been there waiting to greet me. I looked up and saw this guy disgusted at my actions.”

8. “If I stare at this door long enough it’ll definitely open for me, right?”

9. It’s not only dogs and cats that miss their parents when they step out of the house.

10. “See? This window has a better vantage point.”

11. “My sniffer can sense him coming closer...only time will tell.”

12. “Hi! I’ve been waiting all day! This is such a surprise! Welcome back!”

13. — “I said they’re not home yet.”


— “I know, but I heard a very soft noise. I just had to check.”

14. When you’re at work and can see your cats are waiting for you to come home:

15. “You’re back...I, uh...got you this present?”

16. “I’ll give these humans a piece of my mind when they find out the length of time they left me...15 minutes!”

17. “Comfy position? Check. Open window? Check. My favorite human? Not yet...”

18. “When you come home late and miss feeding time — this is how your cat will be waiting for you.”

19. “Stupid humans standing on their legs all day waiting...don’t they know we have these gifts called butts?”

20. “Coming outside to wait...a foolish plan. Now there’s no one to let me back in.”

21. “A high height...my cleverest spy tactic yet.”

22. “My dog always waits for my husband to come home from work by laying by the door, but falls asleep waiting 80% of the time.”

23. “Jeez, these humans...always busy. Let me just...zzzzz.”

Which patient pet was your favorite? Let us know and please share any of your pictures of loveable furry friends that just can’t wait for their besties to come back home.


Some dogs miss their owners so much they don't even let them to do to toilet alone
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I think every time I leave my house, my pets think I leave them for forever ?

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