23 Life-Improving Things You Can Buy for Less Than $20

4 years ago

There are many inventions already on the market that could make our lives easier for a low price. The problem is, we barely see the advertising for these products. That’s why we decided to bring them to you, so you can choose which of these inventions would give your life an upgrade or serve as a fantastic gift to make your family and friends lives easier.

Bright Side will show you a list of items that you may have been already wishing for.

1. A pet hair remover and massager, to give your pet the quality of life it deserves

2. A pen that will make your tile’s grout lines clean again

3. A precise paint roller that will ease your 5-Minute Crafts projects and correct any accident on your walls

4. A tongue scraper that will eliminate bacteria and bad breath, and will last a lifetime

5. A charger that lets you charge 3 phones at the same time in your car

6. A self-massaging ball that will relieve your stress and improve circulation

7. A backseat hanger that will let you hang all your purses and bags so that you can organize your car once and for all

8. A no-mess infusion water bottle that will add some flavor to your water

9. A Bluetooth shower speaker will make that shower concert live.

10. Cordless sensor lights give some ambiance to any space.

11. A 7-in-1 pen with a ruler, stylus, bottle opener, 2 screwdrivers, and a phone stand

12. A flexible shower organizer, to make hanging your shower necessities easier and cooler

13. An herb stripper, to totally feel and cook like a pro

14. Nail polish stencils that will make you proud you did your nails all by yourself.

15. These eco-friendly reusable bags for produce, to keep your fruits and veggies fresh

16. Say goodbye to painful legs with this leg support that lets you rest your feet while traveling.

17. The ultimate travel pillow that is not overpriced and will not give you neck pain

18. An avocado holder, to keep the other half green and fresh

19. A knife and cutlery cleaner that will help you avoid unnecessary cuts

20. A 2-in-1 mug and cookie holder, to make your morning break complete

21. Reusable stainless steel straws that you can use at home, work, or when you’re out without eco-regret

22. This wearable nail polish holder that allows you to paint your nails and keep fiascos away

23. Sponge holders, to prevent bacteria from ruining your make-up partners

Bonus: It’s a bit more pricey, but this is a really cool washable keyboard.

Which of these picks would make your life easier? Which one do you think would be a good candidate for a gift and why? Make your suggestions below!

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Why getting #4 is you can just use the brush to clean your tongue?
self-massaging ball would be good purchase for me.

Love massage but don't have an opportunity to visit therapist so often

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