23 Photos Proving Every Family Needs a Pet

4 years ago

Babysitters, fitness coaches, massagers, and personal therapists — pets can be a substitute for anyone. They bring us lots of love and make our relationships stronger. If you still don’t have a furry or a feathered friend in your family, you have to look at this compilation. Maybe you will find someone who you’ll fall in love with.

Bright Side is not responsible for the consequences of looking through the following photos. In case you have a severe cat deficiency, you should go to the nearest pet shop or animal shelter.

After you get a pet, you feel as if you’re God. Just look into these eyes that are so full of love.

“It’s safe to say that Winston is smitten with me.”

“My cat never leaves my side. Someone gave me a hoodie with a ‘cat pouch’ in it as a gag gift... She rides around in it and just stares at my face.”

How our cat greets (only) my husband every day when he gets home:

“This is Bitsy. Bitsy is not my cat. She greets me and my boyfriend on our way home from the grocery store by barreling out of her yard and demanding pets. All hail Bitsy.”

And when you see this happy smile, you will also smile like an actor receiving an Oscar.

You can save a lot of money by not paying fitness coaches.

“My cat likes to walk on her wheel while I’m on my exercise bike. The way she looks at me makes my heart melt.”

And you’ll have a personal therapist.

How do you like this face-lifting procedure?

“Every time I code at my kitchen table, my cat turns into a neck warmer.”

“My daughter has been begging us for a kitten for months. We’ve told her in no uncertain terms we are NOT getting a kitten. This is what awaits her on Christmas morning...”

“The look on my daughter’s face when I tell her she gets to adopt a kitten as a surprise birthday present.”

You can easily trust your son or daughter to such a caring babysitter.

“Adopted him a month ago and he immediately decided his job was to protect my little sister. Never leaves her side.”

They can do fitness training for your baby.

And they can teach them love.

They will help them deal with difficulties.

And they will exhaust even the most energetic toddler.

Family ties are stronger than anything.

“My dad sends me photos of him and my dog while I’m gone at college.”

“My girlfriend and I adopted a puppy last month, and this might be my favorite family picture we’ve taken yet.”

A full-grown Flemish giant rabbit can grow up to 3 feet long. In case you think that cats and dogs are too ordinary...

Even alligators can be pretty cute.

Any pet can make you much happier every day.

“Making me smile every day since ‘06.”

This guy picked up a very energetic dog from a shelter. And he lost 83 lb in just one year!

Which pets do you like the most? Tell us about the funniest things that your pets love to do!

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My mom isn't the most active person on the planet, at least she wasn't before we got a dog. Now she just walks with it evening long ?
everyone needs a pet, definitely, but why do you guys show mostly cats and dogs? :)

what about parrots, hamsters, rabbits and other little friends?
Nothing and no one can teach us more about love and responsibilities than our pets :)

they are great companions for people of any age as well

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