24 Animal Photos That Won’t Let Us Feel Sad

3 years ago

Everyone has experienced moments where everything seemed to be going wrong and nothing went the way we wanted it to. Let our 4-legged friends help you feel better! Their sincerity, charm, and cuteness could cheer up even the saddest person.

Bright Side has collected 24 pictures of animals that are better than antidepressants! They can bring on positive emotions and calm your nerves.

We don’t recommend looking at this photo too long. Otherwise, you’ll want to get a dog!

Have you ever seen a happy turtle? Here you are!

The most photogenic creature ever

“My kitten keeps bringing us leaves she caught. Today she was especially proud of this very big one.”

Dog shelter

“My dad has never had a cat but loves mine when he comes over to my house. He found a kitten crying outside a couple of days ago who prefers sleeping like this.”

Be careful, dandelions.

“Work is great because we all get to hang with this guy.”

“My friend sewed her cat a punk rock denim vest.”

“He missed the training pad but how can I get upset about it?”

“Someone just brought a baby coyote into my office which then went to the wildlife rescue center.”

“This is Molly. She’s 9 and she’s perfect.”

Kisses for a charming pit bull

You could drown in these eyes.

Each puppy is a seal at heart.

Her Meowjesty

When you want some attention:

“My very photogenic best pals!”

“My nephew meeting the puppy”

She’ll grab your heart.

This baby is just 11 weeks old but he’s already captured so many hearts!

An old but happy buddy

Try not to smile.

“How do I look?”

Did these photos make you smile? Share pictures of your beloved pets with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit MissTurtles/ imgur


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